Tuesday, June 21, 2011


i used to be ledisenchanted on wordpress but i decided to be a grown-up girl and get a grown-up URL and a blog that i can be proud of and actually post things to.  you see, it's very often that i end up saying to myself, "wow, you should really write a blog post about that"  and then i never do, because my email and blog(s) have a name from when i was twelve.  so.

On my other blog i would post  things that inspire me sometimes and mostly posted crappy pictures of stuff on my cat.  While i do not entirely possess a camera 100% of the time (since i dropped my Olympus on its lens and cried for a week) i will try to post progress updates as often as i can, and queue posts when i am able to.

As i'm sure not too many people will read this blog, i am leaving this list of things for myself and am planning to edit this post as things become finished.

THINGS THAT I WILL GET DONE BEFORE THE END OF SUMMER (while this is not very likely i shall post it here. ha.)

  • Lubov Scarf
  • Pomatomus Socks
  • Chroma blanket
  • Absinthe socks
  • lace doily
  • go dutch! gloves (reknit)
  • dashing mitts (reknit)
Future projects:
  • TWO featherweight cardigans 
  • sweater for Popop
  • shawl for Oma
  • totoro amigurumi for Sankey
  • TARDIS crochet for Mike
that is all.

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